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I obtained my BFA in Painting & Illustration in 2011 from California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. For three great years I was able to study with some of the best professors and brightest young artists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After completing my education at CCA, I hit the road with a beautiful woman (who would become my wife years later) to witness the beauty of our amazing United States.  After eight months living in our trusted Tacoma, we settled in Colorado where were have been fortunate enough to call home for eight years.  During my time in Colorado I had the honor of working with Matt Martin of Vehement Knives, one of the best makers in the knife business, where I learned the leather craft and trade. 

Since 2015 I have had the honor of being the primary illustrator for Wayfarer, true black metal of the American west, from Denver, CO. Shane’s visions serve as the inspiration for all T-shirts, tour posters, logos, tour merchandise and album artwork.   Along with Wayfarer, I have had the privilege of working with Ghosts of Glaciers, Saddles of Southern Darkness, Stoic Dissention, and Storm Keep.

I began working with the Fire in the Mountains festival in 2016, and have had the honor of producing the poster artwork for this amazing experience each year since and look forward to working with this incredible group of people for many years to come.

If you are interested in commissioned work, please reach out. I love working with people to bring their ideas into reality.

All work is proudly handmade, now in Las Vegas, NV!

Commissioned artwork and custom leather work is always welcome!

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Got a project on your mind? Send me a message and let's get to work!!

Got a project on your mind? Send me a message and let's get to work!!